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Ride the lightning at RifleGear with our full-auto inventory. Whether you want to spice up a corporate event or just add an extra layer of fun to your range trip, we have everything you need.

Stay tuned as we continue to grow our full-auto offerings!

Belt Fed Machine Guns


Rental Price $60  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

The FN M249 SAW has been a mainstay throughout the U.S. military since 1986 and is currently in service in more than 30 countries. Chambered in 5.56x45mm, the M249 is an open-bolt, gas operated firearm that is capable of firing 775 rounds per minute. Our PARA model was designed with airborne forces is mind. Sporting a 13.7-inch barrel and collapsing stock, it is shorter and lighter than the regular M249. Even though the PARA model is lighter, it is still easily controlled and is sure to provide a lot of added fun to any range trip!


Rental Price $60  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

Developed in the mid-1940’s, the RPD is a Soviet belt-fed light machine gun that is chambered in the popular 7.62x39mm. It was meant to replace the previous DP machine gun which had become to heavy and cumbersome. It utilizes a gas operated long stroke piston operating system and spits out about 650 rounds per minute. However, the rate of fire does feel significantly faster than that when you get behind it. If you are looking to shoot one of the most widely used and popular light machine guns of the 20th century, look no further than the RPD!


Rental Price $60  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

Adopted by the U.S. Military in 1957, The M60 is a belt-fed medium machine gun that has served with every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces as well as other nations. It was commonly referred to as “The PIG” due to its bulky and heavy nature. With a rate of fire hovering between 550 & 650 rounds per minute, the M60 is easily controllable even though it is chambered in a larger caliber cartridge. If you are looking to shoot a belt-fed machine gun the M60 is a great starting point.

IWI NEGEV NG5 Light Machine Gun *Temporarily Down For Maintenance*
IWI Negev

Rental Price $60  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

The NEGEV NG5 is a light machine gun chambered in 5.56 NATO developed by the Israeli firearm manufacturer, Israel Weapon Industries (IWI). It is compact, lightweight and extremely reliable in hostile conditions. The NG5 has been battle proven by the Israeli Defense Forces and numerous other military and police agencies across the world. If you are looking for a machine gun with light recoil and high rate of fire, look no further than the Negev NG5.

Machine Guns

Select Fire AR-15

Rental Price $50  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

Often referred to as “America’s Rifle”, the AR-15 is a lightweight and modular firearm typically chambered in 5.56 NATO. It was born out of the original ArmaLite Rifle design, which itself is a scaled-down version of the AR-10. Our select fire variant features both semi-automatic and automatic firing modes. The soft recoil impulse and medium rate of fire makes for an easily controllable and enjoyable range experience.

IWI Tavor X95 

Rental Price $50  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

The Tavor X95 is a next generation assault rifle manufactured by Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI). It was developed in close cooperation with elite units of the Israeli Defense Force and serves as an improved version of the highly touted Tavor SAR. The X95 is chambered in 5.56 NATO and is of bullpup design, making for an extremely compact and maneuverable package. With a rate of fire in the ballpark of 1000 rounds a minute it makes for quite the range trip!

Steyr AUG 

Rental Price $50  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

The Steyr AUG is one of the most recognizable bullpup rifles in the world. It is Austrian designed and chambered in 5.56 NATO. It’s bullpup design makes it both compact and highly maneuverable. The AUG utilizes a conventional gas piston operated action that fires from a closed bolt position. At its inception, the AUG utilized a high level of advanced firearm technology, employing the extensive use of polymer and aluminum parts. With a rate of fire between 650 and 800 rounds per minute, the AUG is controllable and incredibly fun to shoot!

FN P90 (5.7x28mm)

Rental Price $50  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

The FN P90 submachine gun is a compact, lightweight weapon chambered in the small, yet powerful 5.7x28mm cartridge, making it the ideal Personal Defense Weapon. Featuring a compact bullpup design and fully ambidextrous controls, the P90 is an unconventional weapon with a futuristic appearance. Its design incorporates several innovations such as a unique top-mounted magazine. Its incredibly light recoil and rate of fire of almost 1,000 rounds per minute, ensures a great range trip!

Submachine Guns

MP5 Submachine Gun
MP5 Submachine Gun

Rental Price $40  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

Undoubtedly the most popular submachine gun in the world, the MP5 is a compact and incredibly controllable firearm. It is chambered in 9mm and operates according to the proven roller-delayed blowback principle. The MP5 has been adopted by 40 nations and hundreds of militaries, law enforcement, intelligence, and security organizations. It is light recoiling due to its operating system and can spit out 800 rounds a minute, making for quite an exciting range trip!

MP5 Submachine Gun
MP5K-PDW Submachine Gun

Rental Price $40  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

The MP5K-PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is a more compact and lightweight version of the standard MP5. It was developed by HK-USA is the 1990s for use with special operations aircraft and vehicle crews. Even though it is smaller than its big brother, it is still comparable in performance and even boasts a slightly higher rate of fire. Our model features a sturdy folding buttstock and foregrip, making it easy to control on its automatic setting.

CMMG Banshee 300 .45 ACP

Rental Price $40  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

The CMMG Banshee 300 is a lightweight and ultra-compact personal defense weapon of AR15 design. The Banshee utilizes CMMG’s patented radial delayed blowback operating system. This kind of operating system allows the Banshee to function reliably without the need for a heavier bolt, buffer, or spring. Another benefit associated with this operating system is that it allows chamber pressure to fall before the bolt unlocks and cycles the firearm. These benefits make the Banshee more controllable and accurate in full auto.


Rental Price $40  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

The APC9 SD submachine gun is one of the most fun machine guns we currently have for rent! It combines the reliability, accuracy and ambidextrous operation of the APC9 SMG with the advantages of an integral suppressor. The integral suppressor and ported barrel reduce supersonic 9mm to subsonic speeds, making it ridiculously quiet, even on full auto. With a rate of fire of 1,000 rounds per minute, this machine gun will definitely bring a smile to your face!


Rental Price $40  (per 2 shooters, ammo not included)

Introduced by B&T in 2001, the MP9/TP9 represents the latest advancement in personal defense weapons and is one of the world’s lightest select-fire 9x19mm weapon systems. Ideal for surveillance teams, vehicle crews, strike forces, and PSD details. It excels as a highly concealable subcompact weapon system capable of engaging threats with a high-volume of accurate, lethal fire at close ranges, use in and around vehicles or within confined spaces. When paired with the TP9 specific, reduced back-pressure suppressor, it is sure to brighten any range day!

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