Nothing exemplifies personal responsibility more than taking one’s safety into their own hands, and there is no better tool for the defense of life than a firearm in the hands of a responsibly armed citizen. At RifleGear, we believe that firearms training is an absolute necessity for anyone taking their personal defense seriously. Taught by our cadre of highly qualified firearms instructors, our courses will cover the basics of firearm fundamentals, manipulation, and utilization. Whether it is a recreational day at the range, a high-stress competition, or a defensive encounter on the street, our instructors will give you the skills you need to succeed.

This course involves 4-6 hours of classroom instruction and  shooting qualification on the range. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate as part of the application process for your LTC.

Whether you are a brand-new shooter or an experienced shooter wanting a refresher, the Pistol 1 course will introduce you to responsible gun handling rules, firearm function, the fundamentals of marksmanship, and clearing malfunctions.

Do you have an AR-15 style rifle and are looking to increase your proficiency? Rifle 1 will teach you the basic concepts of responsible gun handling, firearm function, zeroing, shooting fundamentals, malfunction clearances, and more.

Other courses we will be offering

  • Pistol 2

  • Rifle 2

  • Shotgun 1 & 2

  • Low Light Fundamentals

  • Concealed Carry Basics

  • Trauma Medicine Courses

  • Force-on-Force Courses

  • Kids Clinics

  • Red Dot Pistol Clinics

      ... and much more


Class schedule is suspended until we open in Summer 2020

4001 State Hwy 121
The Colony, TX 75056

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